Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Count Down Begins....

Well we are less than a month until we leave for Islamabad. Last week i headed down to London and after a good mornings worth of queing i happily came away with a 45 day visa. Over the past few months i have been in charge of collecting team kit, with gear from DMM, TNF, High Five, La Sportiva and Metolius my Aunties garage has been a little treasure trove of shiny new equipment. As the pile has grown it has become more and more a worry about the garage getting broken into. No more though, over the last few days i have packed, wrapped and posted most of it to France. In fact around 100 KGs of kit was sent yesterday. The North Face happily stepped in here and paid for the shipping via UPS.....nice one TNF.

Hmmmmm......time to pack.

Gaz P

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