Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Finally we are off!

Yes we did it! 6 months of stress, planning, and organisation involving a heady mixture of Polish, French, English and general bullshit has led to this - Starbuck's, Terminal 4, Heathrow! As ever with an international team of crazy climbers just getting here was epic. Pierre and Jerry nearly came to grief during a super fast alpine drive to Lyon airport involving a collision with a fox, and a mini hypo (Jerry is a diabetic!). David and Eliza just made it through customs and had to take a tent, huge silver camera case, plus two large rucksacks all as hand luggage. They were the last to join us and now we are 6 - ready for Pakistan and that beautiful golden spire of granite -Trango - the free dream is about to start!

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vi said...

on s'en fait pas au café, prenez du power
a plus