Thursday, 28 August 2008

Honey to the rescue

Today was a long day, we awoke at 5am and now it is midnight. Most of the day has been spent driving/rallying along the spectacular Karakorum Highway. The KKH is over 1200km long and goes from just outside Islamabad through the Himalaya into China and during its construction over 600 lives were lost and its construction is often compared with the building of the Pyramids. After rising above the plains the driving became faster with numerous blind bend overtakes  and teetering on the edge of some impressive drops.

As we neared our planned lunch stop i could tell that Jerry was either tired or lacking in sugar. As a diabetic he always has a constant battle to keep his sugar levels under control. Today with such a long journey he missed judged his levels and began to go Hypo Glycemic. Luckily we brought him back to his sensés with some honey and a twix. Next time though if he carries on with the bad jokes we may make him suffer longer.

Back on the road it looks like the team are getting on gréât and as the drive continues i am sure we will develop some gréât frienships. The second half of  todays travel was the most dangerous, first up we encounter the landslides. Numerous storms wreak havoc on this road and it is a constant uphill battle to keep it open. The next challenge was to get through a police checkpoint without a correctly filled out permit. After some worried discussions we made it through. The final hurdle was a long one, with a number of random delays we were behind schedule by about 3hrs, with darkness coming we entered bandit country and with our driver and guide worried the speed increased and the blind bends came faster.  Without any further issues though we arrived at the Panorama hôtel in time for our next curry!




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DP said...

Jerry et al -

Thank you for the updates! We are all proud of you guys and are looking forward to following your progress. What an INCREDIBLE EVENT!!!!

I can tell you from INTIMATE personal experience that Jerry has himself fed reluctant type 1 diabetics back into the land of "euglycemia" (that's normal blood glucose). Bellowing to "just stuff it in!!!" (in our upscale Black Sea Bulagrian hotel room with other guests wondering what in the bl**dy h**l was going on) with the mars bar or whatever sweet shite he wanted me to eat.....So, thank you for being nice to him and don't take it personally, if he berates you in a hypo state more than he would usually!!

Big hugs to you all and in solidarity, DP (Madison, WI, USA)