Friday, 19 September 2008

Last Chance

Well it looks like this is gonna go right down to the wire. With the recent weather forecast just in we are just gonna have to commit to the mountain and push on whatever the weather brings. The forecast is very mixed with half good days and half snow, but by being on the mnt we should be able to snatch any good conditions that come along and go higher.
The plan is that David and i will leave this evening at 12 midnight. This should land us at the top of the fixed ropes on the sun terrace by midnight. We will then climb and fix as many pitches above and then return to the Sun terrace to meet the rest of the team who by then will have established camp. The afternoon and next day is expected to be heavy snow, which we will sit out. After we will go for the Snow Ledge and the next day the top.
In about 4 or 5 days we should be back in BC and ready for home.


Listy said...

Go on Guys, get up there and get down safe.

Stick at it....

All the best.


Mairead1 said...

We've been following your progress since leaving Chalet Gyronde on 30th August. Had two fabulous weeks in Vallouiseroll on 2009. We're very proud to be able to say that we know you Jerry. All the very best of British as they say to everyone one of the team. Well done! Not long now before you reach the top! Oh we met Jackie at last!
Kind Regards Ann & Jim Smith (Berwick upon Tweed